Sensual, musing, ironic, oblivious and full of humour.

In "40forty-something – aufregend weiblich" selected women avow themselves to be full of femineity and show their pride and sovereign handling of body and soul.

The "excitingly feminine" book from Friederike Heyne published in the Prestel Verlag shows woman power in a strikingly different fashion: The illustrated book celebrates in about 31 charming portraits of women belonging to the realms of art and culture, economy and science, management and press the attractive and mature woman. Gabo masterly managed to set in scene in a very personal ambiance women who have never stood in front of a camera before. She portrays them in their entire vitality and personality next to celebrities such as Hannelore Elsner, Barbara Rudnik, Barbara Auer, Christina Plate, Beatrix Hitzfeld, Natascha Ochsenknecht and Maria Schrader.

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